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RCE in Pagani!!
In Geneva Motor Show 2016, Pagani is going to launch new Huayra and Huayra BC, 130 kilogram lighter than previous model. Not only made of Titanium and Carbon Fiber, new Huayra BC will also equip RCE LiFePO4 battery as electronic source. In next three years, RCE will be the exclusive battery supplier for Pagani.

iBatt--the world’s first lithium iron battery that comes equipped with a smart active power management system. User can use cellphone App to access all battery information, and manipulate functions such as anti-theft auto shut-off, and deactivate functions.

IBatt-- active power managemen
Strong front-end and back-end functions allow users to download App for information on battery condition and manipulation using a cell phone. Backs-end function collects detailed records of battery usage to help maintenance center and battery manufacturers better understand the battery use and improve battery functions, and further enhance management by sending messages from the backstage to the user.

Carbon fiber
The ultra workmanship in supercars uses wet process and thermoforming to construct a 10-layers composite material stack to ensure maximum safety. The innermost layer uses Kelvar, a bulletproof fiber, to create internal conduction.

Mechanism Design
Rigorous plastic body design, materials used Vo grade heat-resistant material to ensure that each one battery will not be well protected shake off safety concerns in the car, nickel plate, copper designs are tailored specifically for the battery to ensure Fengyun let Fengyun do maximum performance battery discharge. Separate power management system designed for the RCE patented design from the master version, the current panel, balance control panel were collected dumplings grade components, all programs are starting batteries developed separately.